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About Us

GSA containers and safes drilling open.

Master Safe and Vault Technician

I am a GSA Container Inspector with twelve years experience. I have been certified with the Kaba Mas X-09, X-10 locks. I have extensive safe and vault experience. I have welded safes and vaults.

Service with no hype or stress

I take care of my customers, providing  them with excellent service, reasonable prices, and a pleasant attitude all of the time. I consider myself the happy locksmith, giving you a relaxed atmosphere. 

Locksmith services, rekeying, installation, repairing, first fit key

Locksmith service

I've been a locksmith for forty years, I have a lot of experience in; locks, closers, store front doors, repairs, rekeying, master keying and more.

My Qualifications

For the record.......I'm a Master Safe and Vault Technician, the only qualified safe and vault technician in the Mat Su valley.
I've worked on a lot of safes and vaults when I was working full time in San Diego as a safe and vault technician (80% of my work), I was drilling, micro drilling, change key opening, top drilling, manipulating, repairing, servicing safes and vaults every day, about six safes and or vaults on the average per day. The safes and or vaults were: Mosler, Diebold, Tann, ISM, AMSEC money chests, and more. I can drill most safes with a 1/8" drill, and in most cases saving the lock saving money for you.

I am the only GSA Container Inspector with 12 years experience in Alaska. One of the few (less than five) Kaba Mas X-09, X-10 factory certified installers in Alaska. 

I will travel, the state of Alaska, as a GSA service technician, for the United States Government and United States contractors. 

I will also travel the state to perform safe and vault work.

Locksmith Work

David, a Master Locksmith, with forty years experience

  • First fit keys
  • Mortise lock installation 
  • Panic hardware 
  • Closers 
  • Door repairs   
  • Door replacement   
  • Door frame repairs  
  • Door frame replacement
  • Business board ups
  • Burglary securing
  • Welding repairs 
  • Lockouts 
  • Master key systems 
  • Commercial hardware 
  • Residential hardware 
  • Lock installation 
  • Bit and barrel keys 
  • Lock repairs 
  • Lock hardware 
  • commercial locks   
  • hardware installation 
  • high security locks   
  • key control 
  • lock hardware 
  • lock re-keying

Installation of locks and hardware, fabrication, welding lock projects.

I take care of many locksmith issues, call me at 907-315-0525 with your project.